“Pupils learn about risk and how to keep themselves safe in different situations.”

“Pupils behave exceptionally well throughout the school. Bullying is almost unheard of. Pupils feel safe. They are secure in the knowledge that they can share their worries with a caring adult.” 

Ofsted February 2020

How We Care

A vital voice in our learner-led school.

The individual wellbeing of each and every girl is at the heart of what we care about. The “… it takes a Village to raise a child…” mentality, together with our small class sizes, allow us to work as a close family, quickly identifying and responding to individual needs. Each girl has a class teacher who looks after her day-to-day care, with a dedicated classroom assistant from the Early Years to Transition (Year 3). From Lower II to Third Form (Years 4 to 6), girls are taught by a small number of specialist teachers who are not just passionate about their subjects but also their girls’ happiness and success.

The girls have an important voice in the school and there are weekly Circle Times and PSHE lessons to discuss issues that arise at school or through wider media that concern them. They know that whoever they talk to on the staff at school, they will be listened to and supported in an age-appropriate manner.

Online Safety is also taught on a regular basis throughout the year and reinforced in every lesson. Chatsworth Schools have produced some tips for Parents regarding Online Safety, click here.
Workshops and talks are organised and have included NSPCC visits to discuss mental wellbeing; attending the Camden Junior Citizenship afternoon which raises awareness of gender, relationships, drugs, etc; RAP (Raising Awareness and Prevention) workshop covering physical and emotional changes in adolescence.

Parents like the school because it offers a safe haven where the girls retain a joyous innocence, with an emphasis on kindness and mutual respect in a secure environment, free from bullying and other behavioural issues.

Our Statement of care

At The Village Prep School we feel that it is important…

  • To respect others regardless of age, race or background;
  • To treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves;
  • To act positively against bullying, recognising when teasing ceases to be fun and becomes vindictive;
  • To rejoice in the successes of others and give support in times of disappointment;
  • To provide a caring environment where the relationship between pupils and staff is open and friendly;
  • To value extra-curricular achievement as much as academic success;
  • To have conviction in our own beliefs and to appreciate those of others;
  • That every girl leaves having had ample opportunity to become a well-rounded individual looking forward to the future with confidence, humour and compassion.