Charity Work

In many ways our pupils live a privileged and safe life, but our philanthropic culture means the girls do not ignore people whose lives are much harder than their own. 

A number of projects include:

  • supporting the British Royal Legion
  • raising money and volunteering for Little Village, Camden
  • providing food for homeless centres
  • supporting Age UK and performing concerts
  • clearing areas in local parks
  • supporting the local church

The school community will always endeavour to help where we can, responding to national and international emergencies such as raising money for the Australian bush fires through a cake and coffee morning.

Through Friends of the Village School (a parent-led fundraising team), the school is privileged to able to support St Mary’s Village School in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka in a variety of ways, such as providing resources and food for the children there. Alongside Chatsworth Schools and the charity, Humanitas, the school is working on another international project to build a secondary school in a small town, Ayensuako in Ghana, to allow the pupils to continue their education.