Our Beautiful School

Gerald the Giraffe welcomes every child into the school when they arrive each morning. Built and decorated by the pupils, he has become a much-loved mascot of The Village Pre-Prep. The girls have had several stories about giraffes in assembly and thought that Gerald should have a friend, hence Jenny arrived. Jenny is special in that any pupil can borrow her as a comforter, so she often goes ‘on tour’!

Being part of a bigger school means that girls benefit from all the wonderful facilities and resources at The Village Prep:

  • A large hall (used as well equipped theatre with raked seating, indoor sports hall, assembly hall and dining area)
  • A library
  • A music room
  • A full-sized netball court
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • A large grassed area with environmentally friendly climbing and play apparatus
  • An outside classroom (part of our award-winning Green Flag certification)
  • Fruits trees and herb gardens
  • A first aid room

In addition, there are a number of specialist teachers on-site for sport, music, Spanish, ballet and gymnastics who provide the girls with expert tutoring from their first days at school.