“The curriculum extends way beyond what is typically found in primary schools.”
Ofsted February 2020


Behind the main building, tucked in the corner, sits our main hall. It is extremely well-equipped as a theatre, with LED and normal lighting and a superb sound system, allowing the girls to perform a huge range of productions. The flexibility of the hall is seen by the retractable seating, a heated sprung wooden floor and a large space backstage which allows the hall to be used for gymnastics, dance, ballet, yoga, indoor games and fencing, as well as serving the school its lunch every day. This building is the envy of many schools.

Outdoors, the school has a half-acre site with a full sized, floodlit court, marked out for netball and three short-tennis courts. In addition is a large grass play area that accommodates a cricket net in the Summer Term and an adventure playground that encourages fearless play for all ages. We strongly believe that outdoor play is best. This substantial outside space, together with the main hall, makes The Village Prep School a fantastic setting for a girl’s education.