Year 6 – Top of the School

As the girls reach their last year at The Village Prep the school seeks to make every moment count through enrichment and responsibility. For a start, every Third Former (Year 6) is given a position of responsibility, be it Head Girl, Class Prefect, Librarian, Chronicler, Sports captain or House captain.

As the girls settle into their new responsibilities they will also be attending Open Days and interviews for their prospective Senior Schools and working hard throughout the term.

The Village Business Award (VBA) also takes place in the Autumn Term. In this scheme the girls form a business with a £100 investment provided by the school. They then use this to research, design and create their own products that are sold at the Christmas Fete, with the profits going to local charities of their choice, which last year totalled £850. In previous years they have chosen Little Village, Camden and Heath Hands where they also worked as volunteers. This scheme reinforces to the girls that they live in a mixed borough and that there are many ways to help people, not just through money.

Between the months of November and January, the girls sit their 11+ entry exams. After prepping and working exceptionally hard for these exams, the school then has two terms without vigorous curriculum restrictions, opening up a pathway for the girls to grow and explore in lots of different directions.

In the Spring Term 11+ exams are over and results are announced. Maths takes on a STEM focus, learning the power of number through creativity and setting aside the text books.

In English we turn their attention to Shakespeare, auditions and the Drama Club production. The girls also attend an activity based residential before the half-term, which took place this year at PGL Liddington.

A summer residential is one of the many highlights of their final term at The Village Prep. This time with a cultural and team building emphasis, perhaps to the south coast or over the Channel to France, giving girls time to reinforce friendships before moving onto their next stage of academic life. Preparing for the Upper School Musical, helping to organise Sports Day and making the most of their friendships quite rightly preoccupies their time not spent in lessons.

A highlight for both Middle School and Upper School years is the annual Prize Giving that ends the school year. Academic and Progress Prizes are awarded following the year-end exams, new school officers are announced for the academic year ahead and our Year 6 girls’ individual talents are celebrated. Every girl shines in some capacity and this is recognised at Prize Giving, where prizes of books are awarded and the silverware is distributed to take home for the weekend.