ImaginationAn outstanding independent girls’ prep school for ages 2½ - 11


AspirationAn outstanding independent girls’ prep school for ages 2½ - 11


DeterminationAn outstanding independent girls’ prep school for ages 2½ - 11



Welcome to the Village Prep School!  We are a beautiful, boutique school located in Belsize Park.  At the Village Prep, girls are nurtured in small classes surrounded by exceptional facilities including a Creative Lab, adventure playground and theatre.

Beyond the outstanding facilities, it is our family ethos which is most apparent from the moment you step foot into our school. Children are excited and passionate to share their learning experiences knowing that all they have to say is truly valued.  Staff go above and beyond to ensure that every member of the Village family feels welcomed. Every teacher knows every child by name and personality and this makes for an incredibly special atmosphere.

At the heart of our school is an absolute determination to ensure every child achieves their full potential in an inspiring learning environment. It is a place where ‘imagination and aspiration merge with determination’. Our dedicated team of teachers work tirelessly to ensure that our children are inspired to aspire and provided with the learning attitudes, skills and knowledge to thrive in the current world we live in.

I would be delighted to personally show you around our wonderful school so that you can experience this unique atmosphere for yourself.

Morven MacDonald

Open Days

Our next open days are:
Wednesday 22nd September at 2pm
Wednesday 13th October at 9:30am – FULLY BOOKED
Wednesday 17th November at 1:45pm
Please book your place 020 7485 4673 or email
If you are unable to make these dates, individual appointments are available.

“The school provides a safe space for the girls to develop. They create a real thirst and excitement for knowledge, a place to have so much fun, and instil wonderful values of friendship”

What our Parents say…

“The curriculum extends way beyond what is typically found in primary schools.”

Ofsted 2020


Ambition and resilience are not just confined to the classroom. Here at The Village Prep School we offer a broad range of sports aimed at inspiring and encouraging the girls to be active; to foster a real sense of teamwork and an ambition to challenge themselves and achieve; to know no boundaries, and above all, to experience and have FUN!

Music and Drama

Music is very important to the life of the school. It brings together intellect and feeling and enables the girls to use personal expression. Pupils are encouraged to explore through listening, singing and playing a wide range of musical genres. In lessons, girls acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make music.


Drawing is the foundation of all art skills and there is a lot of experimenting with a wide range of drawing media such as pencil, pen, charcoal, chalk, oil pastels, pen and ink. In these activities, perspective, tone and form are all looked at. Painting is explored through watercolour, inks and acrylics with the girls finding tones through colour mixing and seeing how light affects colour.


Dance involves every girl at The Village Prep, with each one taking a weekly class. The goal is to ensure that each child is confident enough to say “I can dance!”.


The school has established an enviable reputation for ambitious dramatic productions, which are performed in the purpose-built theatre. Every class puts on a production, usually based on a known book, play or musical, where they perform the dress rehearsal to the school and a public show for parents, grandparents, friends and family.


Clubs are hugely popular and attended by almost everyone in each year group. In addition to sports clubs, the school offers a 4 o’clock Club to any girl who wants to stay between 3.15 and 4.30pm.

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